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Radition Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology.

“BA” L C Parikh Cancer Centre is a thought conceived by Navsari Cancer care foundation and now functioning properly with all its facility specially Radiation therapy, Radio- Diagnostic and Laboratory facilities.

Radiation therapy to the patients is OPD basis procedure and best standard are being maintained to give best results. The centre is well equipped with Linear Accelerator, Clinac iX from Varian Medical System, which is a best platform for giving External Beam Radiotherapy in the world. Its Millennium multileaf collimator system facilitate dynamic Intensity
Modulated  Radiotherapy which makes it unique in whole of south Gujarat. Linear Accelerator delivers the radiation after planning on Eclipse treatment planning system. The whole network is very well managed and runs efficiently by ARIA networking system.

The process and delivery of radiation is what makes difference in every radiotherapy department. In most of cancer institute the conventional or 2 Dimensional radiotherapy is being practiced with help of conventional X ray simulators. Ct Scan From seimens provide us latest technology and good quality images for planning. The treatment planning for radiotherapy for every patient is being done by CT simulator alone.

The ways of delivery radiation is always fascinated in the mind of radiation scientist and now they have brought difference in its delivery by introducing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in clinical setting. IMRT is best form of practice of radiation delivery so that actual dose and actual site must get the full dose. It is Optimization of Radiation done by Treatment planning system on the contour given by Radiation Oncologist.

After inauguration of centre on 3rd jan 2011 a total of 213 patients have been seen in OPD as on 10th june 2011 and out of which total 132 patients were given Radiotherapy. Majority of patients are from head and neck, cervix and breast carcinoma. A large no. of palliative patients viz bone mets and brain mets have been given radiation therapy to palliate their pain.

The Brachytherapy unit is given by Nucleotron’s Microselctron Iridium 192 High Dose Rate Radiotherapy system which works efficiently along with EBRT. Till date 7 patients have been treated by Brachytherapy.
Process of radiation planning.

Process of Radiation planning starts at CT scan room. Patient is being instructed about procedure of immobilization and requested to lie down on the couch. The carbon fiber couch gives actual position as needed by radiotherapy delivery.

The orfit immobilization cast is made in a particular position which takes 30-45 minutes. To find the centre position in the CT scan the fiducial are placed with help of moving lasers. Thereafter the CT scan of the required site alone with margins is taken. In convention radiotherapy institutional policy is to use 5mm cuts and in IMRT 3 mm cuts. IV contrast is used in IMRT planning.

CT scan images are then transferred to Eclipse treatment planning system.

The Radiation fields are placed by Radiation oncologist and the dose deposition is being evaluated. When different phases of treatments are being prepared then total plan sum is being evaluated. Proper care is being given not to give a radiation dose beyond tolerable limits for organ at risk.

After verification of plan the delivery of radiation is being made. Patient is being put in same position which was in CT scan room. After certain calculations of is-centre the radiation is being delivered as per planned.

All patients were subjected to electronic Portal image device for proper positioning of the patient. The portal Vision ASi 1000 is one of the best in its kind.
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